An Evening With Dottie Burman
"An Evening With Dottie Burman guarantees a good time . . . sophisticated humor, clever lyrics dealing with current issues, memorable melodies . . . high-energy performance ... tickles your funny bone with songs like 'Indoor Woman,' 'The Announcement,' and 'I'm In Love With My Computer,' ... pricks your conscience with the title song of her CD 'When the Palm Trees Grow in Central Park,' tugs at your heart strings with 'Serious Love Songs,' and 'Two Little Kids In A Sandbox,' and inspires you with 'Look Back One Year' and 'I'm Doin' The Best I Can.' ...No genre Dottie Burman can't handle!" Laurie Lawson,"Burman is a songwriter who scrutinizes topical events with equal amounts of humor, skepticism and whimsy. Although her witty lyrics keep the evening moving along nicely, just for good measure, Dottie even adds a bit of choreography to the mix ... her combined talent as songwriter, vocalist and comedienne, is a hard one to beat for enjoyable performing."Peter Leavy, Cabaret Scenes Online"Serious Love Songs" a well-crafted, touching ballad . . . A heap of clever computer rhymes in . . .I'm in Love With My Computer.
David Finkle, Back Stage

When The Palm Trees Grow in Central Park - The CD
"Award-winning singer/songwriter/entertainer Dottie Burman has to be the most prolific person in show biz today. Thank heavens, because she sure comes up with some gems! They are all there on her new CD, "When The Palm Trees Grow In Central Park.". . You can count on cleverly constructed lyrics that pack a humorous punch. And as a special treat to Burman's many fans, she takes a crack at ballads and does an admirable job. Dottie Burman is great for the spirit, uplifting for the soul, and just plain wild and wacky. . . amazingly-talented lady!" Laurie Lawson,"Congratulations on all your great songs. You sound terrific."Lynn DiMenna "At the Ritz!" - WVOF-88.5 FMI'm in Love With My Computer
"She writes her own material. Her CD has 20 entertaining examples. Most are comic, like 'Liberty's Lament' (speculating on what the famous statue might tell her psychiatrist if she could talk). 'Perfect Picture,' 'If I'm Not For Myself' and 'Two Little Kids in a Sandbox' reveal Burman can write "serious" as well." Max Preo, Editor, Show Music " Dottie's original and very clever songs . . . In addition to the delightful title track, and Dottie's best known song "Liberty's Lament," I especially enjoyed the other "story songs" like "Sharing a House," "Jennie and Me," and a real thought-provoker called "In My Happy Home in HoHoKus." This CD should not just be purchased for entertainment, although it is truly entertaining, but also as a source for cabaret performers trying to build a show. There are several numbers that can easily be worked into revues and shows, including a special "I'm So Glad You're in My Life."
Stu Hamstra, Cabaret Hotline Online

"Triumphant!. . .High-quality production values. . .Certain to make a welcome addition to the CD collection of any cabaret aficionado."Applause! Applause!

"Two Little Kids in a Sandbox' is as sweet and dear as when I first heard it, 'Don't Get Me Started' is an affecting expression of lost love, and 'Liberty's Lament,' remains clever and funny."Roy Sander, Backstage " Dottie Burman is an extremely talented performer, composer and lyricist. . ."One Step Ahead" . . .has the potential to become a monster country hit. . . An entertainment extravaganza. . . well-produced, well-directed and well-written. . .highly professional. . .don't miss it! I highly recommend this show."Dr. Thomas R. Stevens, Applause! Applause!