Let's Have a P.C. Holiday
(Where Everything's Politically Correct!)
Words and Music by Dottie Burman

Let's have a PC holiday.
Where everything's politically correct.
To set the proper mood,
We'll serve organic food.
No cigarettes or alcohol
We know you won't object!

Let's have a PC holiday!
Be careful of the language you select.
There's no more Mrs. Claus.
She's now Ms.Claus because
She'll share the sleigh with Santa.
She's demanding ìmore respect.î

The elves are out on strike.
They want a salary hike.
They also want to end discrimination.
Don't call them Santa's elves.
Here's what they call themselves.
ìWe're vertically challenged.
For your information.î

Let's have a PC holiday
Where reindeer are prohibited to fly.
We stand for animal rights,
So no more midnight flights.
A reindeer's place is on the ground
Not dashing through the sky.

Let's have a PC holiday.
We hold traditions all in high regard.
Happy Chanakah to you.
Merry Christmas, Kwanzaa, too.
Just check which greeting you prefer
On one convenient card.

These holidays we fear
All come one time of year.
We want to remedy the situation.
To keep the calendar fair
We hereby do declare
That every day is a holiday celebration.

So let's have several P.C. holidays!
With Kwanzaa feasting
and Chanukah dreydels
And Manger cradles bedecked.
I'm dreaming of a Multicultural Christmas.
God rest you merry gentlepersons let nothing you dismay
That will truly be
Fun for you and me
And totally,
Politically correct! Ah-persons!
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